Daesh uses WhatsApp, Telegram to stay in touch globally, reveals detained suspect

KARACHI – A detained militant of Daesh, a terrorist group, made startling revelations about use of social networking applications by the banned outfit to keep in touch with members globally.

Shaikh Muhammad Imran alias Saiful Islam Khilafati, who was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) last week in Karachi, revealed that the group allegedly used Telegram, a cloud-based texting app, to share audio messages throughout the world.

He claimed that WhatsApp groups were also used by the terrorist outfit in order to remain connected with militants in other parts of the world.

Officials citing suspect said that a chatting group goes by the name of ‘Kaddu’ and it is handled by a terrorist known as “Baba Jani”.

They added that Khilafati had also links with Nasim Shah, an extremist of Daesh, who was killed during an encounter in Lahore.

The suspect revealed that Shah had brainwashed Noreen Leghari, a MBBS student of a Jamshoro university. Leghari, who had joined the terrorist group, was arrested during the Lahore encounter.

Further, as per the officials, Khilafati was specifically trained in the usage of the black net (darknet), proxies, and virtual private networks (VPN), Geo News reported.

Earlier, the suspect told the investigators that the social media network of the group, operated from an unknown place near the Pak-Afghan border area, was being strengthened inside Pakistan.