District bar elections underway in Punjab

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LAHORE: Voting for annual bar elections kicked off on Saturday in districts across Punjab to choose the office-bearers.

The voting, amid strict security, will continue till 4pm.

Elections are taking place in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, and Sargodha, among others.

In Lahore, forty candidates for 10 seats are contesting elections.

Malik Ahmed Arshad from Asma Jehangir group is facing off with Hamid Khan group’s Syed Mubasshir Raza Rizvi and Asim Cheema of Abdur Rehman group for the office of president in Lahore.

Riasat Ali Azad and Sardar Arshad Mehmood Khan are contesting for Islamabad bar president office, while Masood Hassan and Khurram Kiani are the candidates for Rawalpindi.

Polling came to a halt in Sargodha after a group of enraged lawyers set fire to voter list and ballot papers. Heavy contingent of police was called at the site to ensure peace.