Chinese company copies Samsung Frame TV at CES 2018

LAS VEGAS – Chinese TV manufacturer TCL unveiled a lifestyle TV called ‘Frame TV’ that looks absolutely identical to Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018.

The Chinese vendor displayed a series of 4K premium TVs during the trade show, but what notable was its prototype product showcased under the name ‘Frame TV’.

Samsung Electronics launched ‘The Frame’ lineup last year. The device comes with an art mode that can display more than 100 renowned artworks while users are not watching videos.

Samsung’s The Frame.The Chinese company did not just copy the TV’s title, but also the identity of the product at the tech fair running in Las Vegas.

“We are just showing what we can do, and the product is not on sale now,” said a TCL booth official.

The copycat issue is not new as Chinese TV and appliance makers have in recent years sought to draw attention by showcasing copied products from industry-leading companies such as Samsung and LG.